Tourist Attractions in Jordan

Tourism has a special place in the economy of Jordan. Some of the tourist hot spots in Jordan include Petra, a historical site, Mount Nebo, the Jordan River, Madaba, etc. There are also several churches and mosques which have been set up during the medieval period and also natural locations like Wadi Rum.

Jordan’s tourism also comprises of health tourism which is concentrated towards the Dead Sea region, pop-culture tourism, education tourism, and shopping tourism. Jordan is a suitable location for those who are interested in hiking and scuba diving.

The ancient site Petra is carved inside a mountain and the rocks are huge and colourful, and done in pink. Al Khazneh, which is otherwise called the Treasury, holds a prominent position in the list of the “New Seven Wonders of the World”. There are many interesting things in Petra such as the Roman theatre, the Monastery, the High Place of Sacrifice, etc. to name a few. Other attractions include Jerash which is popular for the Roman architecture, Oval Plaza, and Corinthian arches.

There are many religious sites present in Jordan. The Jordan River is religiously significant because it is believed that the baptism of Jesus Christ took place here in the presence of John the Baptist. Madaba is quite famous for mosaics as well as the Madaba Map in which the Holy Land is depicted. Jerusalem is particularly included in this map. Mount Nebo is another religious site which is believed to have been visited by Moses to see the Promised Land. Its rich cultural heritage is not only attracting the tourists from worldwide but also attracting researchers for preparing research documents on it.

There are numerous seaside sites including Aqaba, a town situated close by the Gulf of Aqaba. It has many hotels, shopping centres, and further, it provides access to marine life and coral reefs. Moreover, the ruins of the medieval town Ayla are preserved here. The nightlife of Aqaba is quite vibrant particularly in the weekends.

In short, Jordan is a considered as a tourist hot spot.

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