Hotels and Resorts

We, at make sure that you get to stay in the best of hotels and resorts, which guarantee you a comfortable and luxurious stay. We have the details of a wide range of hotels and resorts in Middle East and Egypt. Thus, whatever your budget is, we have the most suitable solution for your leisure trip.

There are more than 200 hotels and resorts in Dubai alone, and about a 100 more in the other six emirates that make up United Arab Emirates. Among the other Middle East countries, Tel Aviv and Jordan are the most popular destinations.

Apart from these, we have tie ups with over 20 hotels in Egyptian cities of Cairo, Luxor, Sharm-el-Sheikh and Aswan. We select the hotels with care, making sure that our guests get the most indulgent accommodations. We choose hotels that provide additional facilities for transportation and business meetings. If you have any complaints against the hotels recommended by us, or wish to suggest a place that we should add in our list, you are most welcome to contact our service managers.

When you use our website, you get to know about the hotels, tariff rates, type of accommodation, facilities, proximity to important places and type of food served. We also have reviews by people who have experienced the hotels and resorts. Moreover, we have categorized the destination according to locations and prices, to facilitate easy search. So, you can make an informed decision now.