Explore Lebanon Paris of the East!

Lebanon as a country has very rich history from ancient times. It was once known as Paris and switerzland of the East. But because of politics and war it has somewhat lost the old charm. In this country numerous roman ruins are found and are a treat to see. Byblos, Beirut and Sidon are some cities where civilization has been prospering for century’s yore. Beirut is the country’s capital and has roman baths and Cardio Maximus. Byblos has paid tourist attractions near the prospering bazaar. The country is dotted with ancient mosques, synagogues and churches of Lebanon. The culture there is diverse and includes people of most faith of the world living side by side for centuries. In Beirut to commemorate the martyrs of Lebanon who did not side with the Turks in WWI you can find Place des Martyrs (Martyrs’ Square). Here a beautiful statue has been erected.

The country enjoys typical Mediterranean climate hot dry summers (20 to 30 degrees C) and cold wet winters. It can be humid at coastal regions and dry in mountainous interiors. In spring and autumn it is a bit cooler and rainy. A good time to visit to avoid tourists. Most tourists and expats visit the country in summer. The population increases in summer by this addition. In winter one can enjoy resorts in the mountain where it snows and is colder. Also in winter coastal regions are at (13 degrees C) a treat for the soul.

The culture is open and you will find people helpful, easy going and welcoming you. They are open and give good directions when asked on its busy streets. The country is made of ethic people of Christian, Palestinian, Lebanese, Muslim and druses faiths. It is a cosmopolitan highly educated and open society. People in the Bekkaa valley and rural areas of north and south Lebanon are more conservative in nature. For earn the pleasure of visiting Lebanon you can contact us if you are interested in finding out more or visiting the Paris of the east once again, do contact us at info@arabicretreat.com. We will help you out to the fullest.