Experience Enchanting Egypt

The mere mention of the name Egypt crystallizes the images of pyramids, Sphinx, Nefertiti, and all the glories we have heard about the place and its people all through our life. Egypt is one of the ancient civilizations known to us and its culture has a recorded history of well over a thousand years. And that certainly adds mystery, enigma, and charisma to the place. Egypt has a complex yet stable culture that has to a large extent influenced the Middle East and African cultures, and to some extent Europe as well. The world’s longest and probably the most beautiful river Nile is the heart of Egypt, which has gifted the place its civilization, molded its culture and heritage.

Islam is the prominent religion in this region, with a small percentage of people belonging to Christianity and some Coptic in their beliefs. Though the ancient Egyptians were Coptic, through the subsequent invasions that Egypt witnessed, the country slowly became a Muslim majority. Their personal, economic, legal and political life is governed by Islamic beliefs. Like rest of the Muslim countries all over the world, people in Egypt too fast during the holy month of Ramadan, it’s a time spent with family and showing love and respect towards each other. It is the time when Egypt stays awake all night and looks beautiful with the sparkling lights.

Amongst all the countries in the Middle East, Egypt is the most progressive. The media – journalism, film, television, music and art play a significant role in the Egyptian culture. The press here is free compared to the other Arab nations. The radio programs produced here are received all through the Arab world in Arabic, English, French and other languages.

As the saying goes ‘Be a Roman when in Rome’ likewise be and Egyptian when in Egypt; having said so, here are a few tips on code of conduct in this region.  Greetings are usually in form of handshakes among individuals of the same sex. A greeting between man and woman, the woman must extend her hand first. In case she does not, the man is expected to bow his head in gesture of a greeting. While visiting a locals home in this region the expected norm is to carry good quality chocolates, sweets or pastries as a goodwill gesture. However flowers are usually not gifted, as these are reserved for weddings or for visiting the sick.

Egypt is truly beautiful and its magic captures the heart for a long time, making its place in ones memory lane.

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